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Rhonda Mordecai – Founder and CEO

Rhonda Mordecai is the founder and CEO of Sole’renity Spa, Incorporated and Little Soles Children’s Spa, with locations at the historic Artesian Hotel, Casino and Spa in Sulphur, Oklahoma.  Rhonda specializes in the art of nail enhancements and reflexology, with over 25 years of expertise in the Dallas, Ft. Worth, North Texas, and Southern Oklahoma regions.  Her passion is treating the mind, body andsoul, which is the foundation of a spa sanctuary, where guests have ideal opportunities for healing, meditation and reflection through holistic and wellness treatments.  She credits her faith in God with guiding her success and philanthropic visions.

Rooting her self-worth in Christ provides the stability for hard work, serving others, and accomplishing goals.  “Being blessed with compassion for people fueled my quest to open a spa sanctuary, where guests have ideal opportunities for healing, meditation and reflection” said Rhonda. “I had hit a low point in life and said to Jesus, ‘Bless my hands, don’t let my life be in vain.’”  Shortly thereafter, she was given an inheritance which featured a remarkable windmill.  “The blades on the windmill read ‘Oklahoma Indian Territory’ and I believed Oklahoma was where God was moving my life.”  Rhonda started her journey in Gainesville, Texas, where she renovated a 100+ year-old building to open the first Sole’renity Spa in 2011. Sole’renity quickly gained notoriety and drew the attention of the Chickasaw Nation in Southern Oklahoma.  “It was such an honor when I received word the Chickasaw Nation had selected me to open a spa at their hotel,” Rhonda recalls.

Sole'renity Spa is now a rejuvenation destination providing guests and the public with a relaxing spa sanctuary at the historic Artesian Hotel.  Clients enjoy everything from aromatherapy to massages, facials and pedicures,  spa parties and socials.  

Rhonda Mordecai is an entrepreneur and innovator in the spa industry. The opening of Little Soles Children’s Spa in 2014 was to promote positive self-image with compassion and therapeutic treatments is a testament.  “Children certainly have health and wellness needs too and since this is such a family-friendly destination, the owners of the Artesian Hotel approached me to start a spa for kids,” said Rhonda.  Better Homes & Gardens named the Artesian Hotel, with Sole’renity Spa and Little Soles Children’s Spa, one of the “10 Best Family Spas” in America in 2015, due to their success.

A dream, faith in God and an abiding commitment to family, carried Rhonda Mordecai to this joyful place.  She is a mother of three with two sons and daughter Melinda whom works alongside her and a grandmother of four. “We all live within an hour’s drive, and the little ones visit the spa often,” Rhonda said proudly. “My goal was to be able to invest in their lives. I said to God, “I’m willing to work hard so they can have a great future.’”  Rhonda loves the Lord, her family, outdoor activities and inspirational books.

Her entrepreneurial spirit, vision and passion to guides Sole’renity Spa’s journey to complete wellness MIND~BODY~SOUL.



Melinda Culbertson - Assistant Spa Director

Melinda Mordecai Culbertson possesses an enthusiasm for people and a passion to serve.  “I love serving others!” exclaimed Melinda. “I take pride in making sure everyone feels welcome and receives the best possible service.”  Melinda is the daughter of Rhonda Mordecai, founder of Sole’renity Spa, Inc., and her zeal and dedication come naturally.  She began her spa tutelage as a child and left her corporate career in 2014 to join Sole’renity Spa.

Collaborating with her mother provides an incalculable perk.  Being part of an entrepreneurial venture offers a chance to see how every aspect of a business works, from client relations and spa budgeting to spa maintenance. “What’s great is my Mom had a passion and a vision to open a resort style spa with premier services and a serene environment for our guest and team alike. This has become my passion, too.”  

Melinda is a busy, working mother as well.  She and her husband have three young children.  Melinda takes pride in work-life-balance and continuing education. Melinda is a licensed massage therapist and a certified laser technician. Her favorite quote being "Wisdom is Liberation" inspires her to push and grow both in her  work and personal life. “It is an honor to be a part of decisions that will help Sole’renity Spa grow.  It’s exciting to imagine what the future will bring for Sole'renity Spa and its team members.”

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Visit Sulphur

For centuries the Native Americans called the area "the land of rippling waters". Today we proudly call it Sulphur, City of Springs. Experience the beauty nature has to share.


Sulphur, City of Springs, Oklahoma

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The Artesian Hotel, Casino & Spa

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Chickasaw Retreat & Conference Center


Taking the Waters

Located by one of the most renowned mineral springs in the country, Sole’renity Spa offers a variety of Hydrotherapy treatments designed with locally sourced Sulphur-rich water. 


Sole’renity Spa Etiquette


Scheduling and Cancellation Policy

Sole’renity Spa recommends scheduling your appointments a minimum of one to two weeks prior to your visit. Our spa receptionists are delighted to help customize your spa journey. Please contact our Resort Spa Director to accommodate group appointments. Spa treatments are subject to availability and must be guaranteed by credit card. Please advise us of gender preference for your service provider. Preferences are based on availability and are not guaranteed.

Sole’renity Spa, Inc. requires credit card information at the time of scheduling in order to reserve the spa service(s) of your choice. The credit card holder on reserve will be charged the full amount of the service(s) reserved if a re-scheduling notice is not received 24 hours prior to the service(s), the reserved is more than 1 hour late, or there is a NO SHOW appointment. Sole’renity Spa will try to accommodate late arrivals but cannot guarantee services.


Daily Facility Usage

Sole’renity Spa welcomes all guests and visitors to enjoy the spa amenities including the whirlpools, dry saunas, steam saunas, locker rooms, and fitness equipment. Our facilities can be enjoyed for a daily fee of $30.00 during spa hours. Tuesdays we are closed.


Age Requirements

Sole’renity Spa at the Artesian is an adult sanctuary available to guests 18 years of age and older. Minors 13 years and above may enjoy certain spa treatments if accompanied by a guardian. A release form must be signed for all minors under 18 years of age by their guardian.  Sole’renity Spa respectfully requires the spa remain a serene environment free from the distractions of children.



For your convenience a 20% service charge will be automatically applied to all packages and a la carte services in addition to spa price listing and distributed to your spa therapists. Additional gratuities are appreciated but not expected. Sole’renity Spa provides gratuity envelopes for your spa therapist. All gratuities should be handled through our spa receptionist.


Preserving our Spa Sanctuary

For your privacy and the comfort of our guests, we respectfully ask that you leave all cell phones and laptops offduring spa treatments. Cell phones are disruptive to the serenity of the spa. Please refrain from cell phone use during spa time and turn to OFF/SILENT. We appreciate your assistance in preserving spa tranquility.


Arrival Time

Please plan to arrive thirty (30) minutes before your spa treatments. Your spa time is scheduled and reserved especially for you to unwind and enjoy Sole’renity Spa amenities.

Decrease stress and increase spa satisfaction by taking advantage of your spa time. After checking in upon arrival, you will be provided a locker, luxurious robe, and slippers during your visit to the spa. Please leave all valuables in your safe provided in your hotel room. Lockers are provided for your convenience, however, Sole’renity Spa is not responsible for any items that may be lost or left behind.

Please wear comfortable clothing for your spa stay, pedicure-ready sandals, and bring swimwear if partaking of the hydrotherapy amenities, including our unisex whirlpool, dry sauna, and eucalyptus steam sauna. Sole’renity Spa uses proper draping techniques for your privacy during spa treatments.


During your visit

Sole’renity Spa encourages you to escape in mind, body, and soul with your spa treatments. We encourage you to communicate with your therapist and disclose any issues you are experiencing.  Your comfort and satisfaction at Sole’renity Spa is top priority.  Please share any concerns such as discomfort, temperature of your spa room, music volume, the amount of pressure utilized for massage, and any other request. It is important for you to disclose any health conditions that may affect your spa experience. If pregnant, you must be in your third trimester to receive a massage.  Always check with your physician before spa treatments if you have any health issues or are pregnant.


Spa Amenities

Sole’renity Spa guests receiving spa treatments will have complimentary use of spa amenities during spa time including:

Tranquil lounge rooms for serenity time luxurious robes and slippers

Men’s and Women’s Locker rooms

Shower facilities


Dry sauna

Aromatherapy steam rooms



Medical Conditions

Receive clearance from your physician prior to scheduling services if you are under medical supervision or treatment. Inform your spa therapist of any medical or physical limitations, including but not limited to: allergies, arthritis, contagious diseases, diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, recent accidents or injuries, surgeries, open wounds, sores, lesions, skin conditions, sensitivities, pregnancy or nursing. Pregnant or diabetic guests may not receive hot stone facial or massage treatments due to thermal and circulatory contraindications.


Sole’renity Spa believes in achieving complete health and wellness for everyone.

Thank you for sojourning at Sole’renity Spa sanctuary in a new Nation of Relaxation.